[UD-100] [CERTIFICATION] FCC 15.247(e) / RSS-247 5.2 - Power Spectral Density


We're in the midst of another certification round and need to perform the "FCC 15.247(e) / RSS-247 5.2 - Power Spectral Density" test for the dongle. Despite searching the FCC database and test reports, we couldn't find the relevant information. Could you confirm if the UD100 underwent this test?

Requirement quoted from FCC: 

For digitally modulated systems, the power spectral density conducted from the intentional radiator to the antenna shall not be greater than 8 dBm in any 3 kHz band during any time interval of continuous transmission. This power spectral density shall be determined in accordance with the provisions of paragraph (b) of this section. The same method of determining the conducted output power shall be used to determine the power spectral density.

Nathan Gurfinkel
IoT Sustaining Engineer


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